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Paul + Megan - Nashville, Tennessee

Paul + Megan, I believe we scored the most perfect fall day for this vintage convertible session! We have been trying for quite a while to have this session, but when Megan got this adorable car, we knew we had to find a country backroad to take over for the afternoon! She showed up with the most adorable props to capture the full vintage feel and I melted. I will always love when my clients want to go all-out to achieve a certain look! But you can see that we hit golden hour at the most perfect time!! Gosh, I already know that these will print SO beautifully!

AHHHHH, the glow is just SO good!!

We had to go full fledged vintage! Is she not the cutest??

Yall, we DID IT!!! This shoot finally happened & yall KILLED IT!

I hope you two love these as much as I do! This shoot was so fun!


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