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The Reunion - Pedestrian Bridge - Nashville, TN

I think this first picture is going to make me cry every time I look at it. I have my own recent losses that made the idea for this picture all too easy come up with. So many hands grasping for a photo… it’s all they have left of their friend!

These ladies traveled from all over the country to celebrate their friend’s birthday in Nashville.

When they mentioned they wanted to add a friend in the photo who wasn’t there, I just thought their friend couldn’t make the trip.

But they explained that their sweet friend passed away & I was honestly so moved how they made space to include her in their photo shoot.

And as they all scanned their phones for their favorite photo of her, it reminded me that photos are often what we cling to in grief…

I felt a new sense of purpose in my job as their sweet gesture reminded me how amazing it is that I get to document precious lives & memories for people to hold on to forever.

&& yes, this session has made me cry thinking about the plans I’ve made with my friends & how life can seem so unfair at times. But these ladies were the perfect example of what it means to celebrate her life as they continue going… just beautiful!

Ladies, you were truly inspiring & I feel so honored to have spend this past weekend with you! 🤍🤍🤍

Ladies, it was an absolute privilege to meet you all & to document your story! Come back to visit Nashville soon!



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