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Senior Session - Alyssa + Andrew - Nashville, Tenneessee

I think "joyful" is the word I would use to describe these two! From the moment we stepped onto the pedestrian bridge in Nashville, these two were all smiles. And obviously, every joyful couple must have a "foot-popping kiss" photo! (Thank you Princess Diaries for the inspo!)

But seriously, anyone who earns their college degree and walks away from papers and tests forever...

I think they'd all deserve an epic foot-popping kiss photo!! LOL!

Thanks to these two for putting up with my shenanigans.. I know I mentioned a Pina Colada at least 10 times during this session, so thank you for encouraging me to pursue my dreams afterwards! :)

Needless to say, I had a blast with yall and I hope we have many more excuses

for photo shoots in the near future! <3

And this is how we celebrate graduation, my friends!

We spray Downtown Nashville with ALLL the champagne bubbles!! <3



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