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Senior Session - Rebekah Martin - Lipscomb University

When I walked onto Lipscomb's campus to meet Rebekah for this graduate shoot, I had flashbacks of graduating college. This season is the end of an era, but the beginning of everything! It's celebrating a major accomplishment, and so much excitement for the future.

So when I asked Rebekah what her major was, she said she just graduated with her Masters of Accounting and is now a CPA in training! Sooooo I'm like, "You're super smart, huh?" haha! That is no small feat, and I just got so excited for her... No more papers, grades, or school food....But a paying gig?? Yes please! :)

So what could be more appropriate than confetti to visually represent what this accomplishment feels like?!

I'll never forget the last time I glanced over my school's campus...

It was the last time I knew I'd truly belong there.

The last time it would feel like HOME.

Every Christian school had the "ring by spring" swings! LOL!

CONGRATS GRADS!! I hope you feel so so celebrated!!

& Rebekah, YOU GO GIRL!



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